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ZkSync Era launches “LIBERTAS OMNIBUS”, read to know more


  • zkSync remained the top roll-up in terms of daily active addresses and transactions.
  • zkEVM flipped StarkNet in terms of total value locked.

ZkSync Era recently announced the launch of its new LIBERTAS OMNIBUS, a new NFT project on the network. The launch sparked excitement in the community, which also made the rollup trend on Twitter. Soon after the launch, the roll-up was quick to mark a new achievement in terms of network activity. Amidst this, zkSync continued to increase its adoption and usage, as was evident from the latest data. While zkSync Era continued to rise, its competitors like zkEVM and StarkNet also showed growth. 

ZkSync Era’s ecosystem is growing fast!

Mentioning the latest developments in the ecosystem, zkSync Era launched LIBERTAS OMNIBUS. It is an experimental NFT project on zkSync to explore new NFT standards, network superpowers, new protocol features, prototype collections with surprise creators, and just vibe out.

In the initial phase of this experiment, zkSync shared some goodness with 10,000 randomly selected anons from this group. In the official tweet, zkSync thanked the 179,365 active community members that bootstrapped NFTs on zkSync in the 113 days since Mainnet.

Soon after the launch, the roll-up reached a new high. zkSync fans, a popular Twitter handle that talks about the development of the ecosystem, revealed that the roll-ups’ transactions per second reached a new all-time high. Not only that, the total number of transactions over the past month of zkSync also leads the L2 projects.

Additionally, as per Oklink, at press time, zkSync’s total number of transactions was 52.8 million, while its total addresses exceeded 3 million. Apart from this, growth was also noted in terms of the roll-ups’ network value. Artemis’ data pointed out that zkSync’s TVL gained upward momentum. At the time of writing, the value was over $193 million. 



Source: Artemis

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How are others faring against zkSync?

Not only zkSync, but Artemis’ data also revealed that two of the roll-up’s top competitors, zkEVM and Staknet, also witnessed growth over the last few weeks. For instance, Polygon’s zkEVM managed to overtake StarkNet in terms of TVL 25 May 2023 and since then the graph has remained high. Interestingly, in one instance, Staknet flipped zkSync by daily active addresses and transactions.

However, the trend did not last long, as zkSync was quick to take back its position as the market leader. Though all three roll-ups’ performances were promising, zkEVM and Skartnet have a long way to go in order to take down zkSync from the number one spot. 




Source: Artemis

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