Xbox Series X And S Accessories That Are A Total Waste Of Money

If you are looking for a new controller for your Xbox Series X/S, there are tons of official and third-party models to choose from that are as stylish as they are comfortable to play with. Outrageous RGB lighting has become synonymous with gaming hobbyists over the past few years, and a quality wired controller streaked with eight lighting zones sounds like a smash hit, right?

PDP’s Afterglow Wave Controller sports a slick design with fully customizable RGB lighting flowing around its sides and thumbsticks, conveniently remappable buttons, as well as a set of textured grips for improved comfort, however, the problem is apparent once you pick it up. With your hands covering the sides and thumbsticks, you aren’t going to see the RGB lighting anyway, so why pay extra for a key feature that you won’t see very often?

The Afterglow Wave is a cool idea in theory, but considering that other Xbox controllers are available in a rainbow of alternate colors that you’ll actually appreciate when the Xbox Series X/S is powered off, as well as models with a comfortable ergonomic design, additional buttons, and other handy features, it is easy to find a controller that matches your style and gaming needs without having to pay extra for pretty, yet ultimately unnecessary RGB elements.

PDP’s Afterglow sounds like an awesome idea, and admittedly looks really cool- but you’re not looking at it while you’re playing it, and your hands will cover the glowing RGB lighting that will only be on while you’re using it, so what’s the point?

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