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Xbox Head Phil Spencer Is Already Playing Starfield – Guide Fall

Barring any development or marketing disasters, it looks like Starfield will launch as scheduled within the next couple of months. This stands to reason that the development team is doing everything that it can to make sure that the game is in ready-to-play condition from the moment it’s available.

At least, that’s the idea anyway, but Starfield might have arrived at that point a bit sooner. That’s because Xbox executive Phil Spencer has been witnessed playing a game that the average player won’t get to see until September. Naturally, all of us are wondering just what kind of condition it’s in.

Phil Spencer Plays Starfield

When it comes to preparing a video game for launch, quality assurance is one of the most important departments. Testers will spend unbelievable numbers of hours trying to break the game in every way that they can think of just to prevent accidental glitches, crashes, or anything else that would ruin the experience. Starfield has no doubt gone through tons of testing, but it appears its playable state has already reached the higher-ups.

According to NME, the Head of Xbox himself Phil Spencer was seen playing Starfield. His play session was watched by fans and viewers through the Xbox social app. Since his profile is public, that means anyone in the community can follow his gaming activity.

Most if not all eyes of the gaming community are on Starfield, which has already gone through a number of pre-launch steps. It can be pre-installed through Game Pass, retailers are already promoting different deals for physical copies, and even accessories related to the game are being pushed and discounted ahead of time.

However, in terms of actual playing, that is currently only limited to those directly connected to the game like Phil Spencer and even Bethesda Softworks’s own senior vice president, Peter Hines.

Many of us can’t wait to play Starfield. Luckily, September is just around the corner. It seems that Phil Spencer couldn’t wait, either, as he started playing ahead of launch. At least he shared his Xbox profile so non-Xbox employees could sit and watch.

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