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World of Warcraft releases another Legacies lore video, adds new mounts to 12-month sub

World of Warcraft is continuing its rollout of lore-centered Legacies videos this week with a second chapter, in which Nozdormu relates how the Dracthyr’s Dragon Aspects were betrayed by Neltharion aka Deathwing and how they used his own weapon against him – and sacrificed their own immortality.

The video, of course, is being released in the service of hyping up the Dragonflight launch at the end of the month, and Blizzard sure wouldn’t be sad if you went ahead of gave it a bunch of money – say, a whole year’s worth of subscription money to help it boost its flagging revenue reports? In fact, the company has just sweetened the deal by adding multiple new mounts and pets to the year-long sub, including the Festering Emerald Drake for Classic WoW players and the Gargantuan Grrloc and Telix the Stormhorn mounts in Retail.


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