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Witches of the Sea RPG Compedium Up On Kickstarter

December 12, 2022 by Polar_Bear

Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! If you’re wanting to get into some high-seas action, Witches of the Sea is a good RPG supplement for you. Normally, you’d think of witches being in some forest somewhere, but they can head out to sea as well, and this book has that for you. The campaign for it is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Witches of the Sea is a 24+ pages Compendium for Fifth Edition featuring new spells, new magic items, a new deity, and a brand-new Cleric domain: Change, the sacred (and eldritch) essence blessing/infesting the ocean world known as the Big Blue.

The manual includes:

  • Rules for an exclusive new Divine Domain: Change, a mystical, powerful, and playable subclass for Fifth Edition, written and designed by the prize-winning author of Big Empty Blue. Community-tested and approved
  • Lots of original art created by Big Empty Blue’s lead artist, combined with extra content by some of the most amazing illustrators for RPGs
  • A lore-dense player’s and DM’s guide for a new deity, the Shepherd of Salt 
  • New spells, such as Dire Coralblade, Tidal Grimeblast, and Writhing Wall 
  • New magic items, such as Kalani’s stone paddle and the dream eaters 
  • New monsters infesting the ocean’s Change-infested thresholds, such as the deadly chromatic siren and the aberrant dread exile 
  • Prompts for mysterious locations, encounters, and treasures lying in the nefarious seas of Change. Guide your party into the dangerous shimmer currents of the oceanic thresholds. Discover the majestic sea sheep islands, the labyrinthine prototaxite forests, the deadly brine pools, cemeteries of the abyss, and much, much more.

The campaign’s around 5x funded (being fair, they weren’t asking for a lot) with 12 days left to go.


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