What does Brittle Crown do in Risk of Rain 2: Brittle Crown Guide

The Brittle Crown is a Lunar Item that has been around for quite some time in Risk of Rain 2. It provides nifty rewards, though you definitely need to be very careful. Still, there have been some changes, making it a viable option during your runs. Here’s our Risk of Rain 2 Brittle Crown guide to explain what this item does and why it’s quite good.

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Risk of Rain 2 Brittle Crown guide: What does Brittle Crown do and is it any good

As mentioned above, the Brittle Crown in Risk of Rain 2 can only come from Lunar Pods or the Bazaar Between Time, costing you some Lunar Coins just to obtain it. Originally, its effect gave a 30% chance to gain a small amount of gold whenever you hit mobs. However, if you’re the one who gets hit, you’ll lose gold equal to the amount of damage that was dealt. For instance, if you get smacked around for 50 damage, then 50 gold will be gone instantly.

That meant the Brittle Crown was a high-risk, high-reward option. It’s good for farming in case you want to open more expensive chests, but you really need to avoid damage.

Changes in Survivors of the Void

Thankfully, the Survivors of the Void expansion made a stellar change to the Brittle Crown. Now, the word “lose” is replaced with “surrender.” What that means is that the enemies that damage you will still take your gold, but you can kill them to recover the currency. If a mob whacks you for 50 HP and you kill them, you’ll reacquire 50 gold once more. Even better, losing health through other means (i.e., the Shrine of Blood, fall damage, or REX’s HP drain abilities), will replenish the lost gold after a few seconds. That’s because the damage did not directly come from an enemy.

This Lunar Item synergizes exceptionally well with The Crowdfunder equipment, too. The equipment fires projectiles at the cost of gold, but you’ll regain the spent currency on successful hits anyway. Needless to say, the Brittle Crown in Risk of Rain 2 has almost no downsides if you’re great at avoidance and mitigation, or if you build your characters properly.

Note: You need to own the Survivors of the Void expansion to experience the new perks. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with its original effects.

Risk Of Rain 2 Brittle Crown Guide What Does Brittle Crown Do And Is It Good 2

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