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What are the Best Roulette Mini-Games on PS4 and PS5?

Casino games dominate the online market, but when it comes to consoles, the reality is that there are not many games that casino enthusiasts can enjoy. However, there are some that provide a unique casino experience and allow you to enjoy casino games without risking your own money.

Most of the PS4 and PS5 casino games come as a collection of games, which means that you can enter a virtual casino and play some of the most popular games like Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and others as mini-games. So if you like to play any desired crypto roulette online, you might enjoy the following PlayStation mini-games.

So, let’s highlight some of the best casino games for PS4 and PS5 that also include Roulette.

Slots and Casino Four Kings

Four Kings is by far the best game on the PS5, yet it was initially created for the PS4. You begin by choosing an avatar before proceeding to the casino. Standard casino games such as Roulette, Texas Hold ’em Poker, blackjack online for money, Bingo, and Free online slots are available in the 3D virtual casino lobby.

American Roulette, an interactive game that can be played with up to 31 people, is one of the several tables in the casino lobby. The more successful you are in the game, the more stuff you may buy or get, such as nicer avatar clothing.

It is quite a big casino game, which is rare to see in console games.

High Roller Casino

The original High Roller Casino was a hugely successful casino-themed pinball game released in 2001 by Stern Pinball Arcade. Stern’s most recent edition, published in 2017, competes with Four Kings as an all-around PS4 casino game that resembles the flash and glam of a genuine Vegas casino.

High Roller has improved a lot since its first release, and it now matches Four Kings in terms of depth and complexity. It boasts the most impressive visuals and audio effects, which will quickly take you to a new and fascinating universe, and it also aims to mimic the sparkle and adrenaline of a Vegas casino.

In terms of visuals and audio effects, this game closely resembles the sights and sounds of iconic Vegas casinos like The Venetian and Bellagio. Roulette, Blackjack, poker, hi-lo, and craps are among the games, which set it apart from competitor PS4 game Four Kings.

The Casino Collection

Here we have a much less spectacular PlayStation casino game but it still holds a huge collection of casino games like Roulette. Unlike the other games we mentioned in this article The Casino Collection features not-so-impressive 2D graphics which are akin to games that can be found on online casino websites.

However, The Casino Collection still has some nice features. First of all, it has progress and an online ranking system that rewards you benefits as you progress through the game. These rewards will allow you to place higher bets or change the card design.

Fallout New Vegas

Here we have a rather different category of game that is not based around the casino niche. However, Fallout has tons of casino mini-games that will make your gameplay more entertaining.

Fallout New Vegas is set in a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas and does its setting right by inventing an in-game gambling system that is as amusing as it is thought-provoking. From Texas Hold Em to roulette, you may enjoy a wide range of traditional casino games.

So, if you want to play something that is not designed specifically with a casino theme but still enjoy some casino mini-games like Roulette, you should definitely try Fallout New Vegas.

Final Words

Even though the collection of PS4 and PS5 casino mini-games isn’t massive, there are still plenty enough games that can provide the real casino experience on your console.

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