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Valheim is getting extensive difficulty options including a creative mode

Valheim continues to be one of the most popular survival games on Steam, and it seems in an upcoming update there’s going to be much more extensive customization of the difficulty.

Teased in Twitter post by developer Jonathan Smårs, there’s a quick video and a follow-up gif to show off some of the new options coming. After watching the quick video here’s a breakdown of the modes shown off (all subject to change of course):

  • Easy: Combat is easier and there are less raids on your base.
  • Hard: Combat is harder and monsters will raid your base more often.
  • Hardcore: Combat is a lot harder and monsters will raid your base more often. When you die all items you are carrying and skills are lost forever. You have no map and you may not use portals.
  • Immersive: In immersive you have no map and you may not use portals so you will need to use your wits to keep track of where you are in the world.
  • Hammer Mode: In Hammer mode you can build all buildings for free. There are no raids on your base, and monsters will not attack you until you provoke them. Other difficulty settings are normal.
  • Casual: In casual mode monsters will not attack you until provoked, there are no raids on your base, resources are plentiful, you will not drop equipped items or lose skills on death and combat is a lot easier and events are based on your individual progress.

Those are just the preset levels though as there’s sliders and tickboxes for various things underneath you can change like: the combat difficulty, death penalty, resources, raid rate, portal items, no build cost, player based events, no map, no portals and passive enemies.

Source – Jonathan Smårs on Twitter.

In replies Smårs clarified you will be able to change them whenever you want, and it will be set per-world for all players and can be changed on current worlds.

When to expect it? Smårs said it is planned to come with the “Hildirs Quest update coming soon”.

Valheim is available to buy on Humble Store or Steam. It has Native Linux support and it is Steam Deck Verified.

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