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URGENT: Speak Out for a Cat Possibly Entombed in a Vent

Today, PETA received a report of a cat who has (at best) been hiding but who is possibly trapped inside an air conditioning duct on the roof of a locked community center at 430 Dumont Ave. in Brooklyn, New York, and has reportedly been there for up to a week.

Evidently, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), which owns the building, has prohibited the fire department from accessing the vent in order to perform a rescue if appropriate, and this office only refers PETA to police, who obviously aren’t the answer. And although maintenance workers have reportedly been to the roof to see if they could spot the cat, no traps have been set and further detection efforts are not in the works to our knowledge. Meanwhile, the cat’s guardian and a local activist at the site have confirmed hearing the distressed animal vocalizing from inside the duct. Your voices are needed now!

Please politely urge NYCHA to do its due diligence and ensure that this cat is not left to starve to death inside this area that only the housing authority as access to.

Contact NYCHA at 718-707-7771 (press 1 for maintenance repairs, then 3 for a new or existing maintenance request) as well as NYCHA’s CEO and the NYCHA Board. Politely ask them to rescue the cat who is trapped inside an air conditioning duct on the roof of a Brooklyn community center that the housing authority owns.

Call NYCHA at 718-707-7771 (Press 1 Then 3)

Send a Message to NYCHA’s CEO

Send a Message to the NYCHA Board

Thank you for your advocacy. Please forward this alert far and wide!

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