Ubisoft Leamington is Working on a New AAA Open World IP

According to multiple job postings on their official website, Ubisoft Leamington is working on a new open-world IP. The job postings on the careers section of the website include that of a Senior Level Designer, Character Concept Artist, Senior VFX Artist, Vegetation Artist and more. They were easy to identify as all of them has [NEW IP] mentioned beside them.

The studio was previously a part of Activision as FreeStyleGames before being acquired by Ubisoft in 2017. It provided additional support on Ubisoft games like Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 and Starlink: Battle Atlas.

Some of the positions available at Ubisoft Leamington

Ubisoft Leamington’s New Open World IP: What We Know

The job postings had several crucial details about what the new IP by Ubisoft Leamington is going to be. In the posting for the Senior Level Designer, the IP is described as a new type of open-world experience and one that provides ”stimulating challenges that have yet to be explored in the gaming industry”. So, with this indication, it seems that it would be unlike any other open-world game in recent times. It also states that it will be the ”next big IP in AAA gaming”. A pivotal point also mentioned is that it is in early production at the moment. Hence, why the studio is hiring developers.

In the Character Concept Artist posting, there is mention of realistic characters that are both playable and NPCs that players will fall in love with. It would seem that the characters will have much more depth and emotions to them than in any other Ubisoft game. Moreover, it also looks like Ubisoft is confident in their new IP based on the wording as well.

With us, you’ll be part of a highly talented team aiming to create a whole new world for our players as we strive to successfully release the next big Ubisoft IP.

Job Description for Character Concept Artist for Ubisoft Leamington

In addition to that, in the posting for Vegetation Artist, there is mention of realistic plant life assets as well as biomes that will be present in the game’s environment. So, it seems that this new open-world IP will have several biomes that players can explore.

Ubisoft seems ambitious with this new type of open-world game, with elements that haven’t been explored in the industry. We will have to wait and see what the team at Ubisoft Leamington comes up with.

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