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Tunic: how to find the sword and shield

Every adventurer, even a fox in a handsome green tunic, needs a weapon. The more you explore the world of Tunic, the more dangers you will be faced with, and without some reliable tools to defend yourself, you aren’t likely to make it very far. Just like another famous tunic-wearing hero, your fox will gain many items to aid them in their travels, but the most important of which will be the trusty sword and shield.

Your starting weapon is a mere stick, which is certainly better than nothing, but by no means ideal for the bigger, nastier foes waiting for you. Likewise, a shield is your best defense against all types of attacks when dodging becomes too tricky. You’re expected to get both of these pieces of equipment early in Tunic, but the game isn’t afraid to let you miss them if you happen to wander off in the wrong direction by accident. Here’s how to get the sword and shield in Tunic to prepare yourself for the adventure ahead.

How to get the sword

While the stick can help you get the swing of things, it’s the sword you should really be aiming to get as soon as possible. Tunic doesn’t make you wait long to get it, either, assuming you know where to go and what to do.

Step 1: Climb the first set of stairs and find the first door on your right.

Step 2: This door is locked, requiring a key. Head further up the stairs to the first save point.

A key across a bridge.

Step 3: Go across the next set of stairs to the left and across a bridge to collect the key.

Step 4: Return to the locked door and go inside.

Step 5: On the other side, go up two ladders and stairs.

Step 6: Follow the red sign directing you to the East Forest.

Step 7: Fight off a few enemies in this area and take the bottom right path.

Step 8: Climb down the next ladder and fall into the room.

Step 9: Follow the wooden signs pointing you in the direction of the Hero’s Grave.

Step 10: Beat the enemy wielding a sword and across the bridge to a ladder leading to a switch.

Step 11: Hit the switch to open a gate.

Step 12: Pass through the open gate and collect the sword from the Hero’s Grave.

A shield on the floor.

How to get the shield

With your offensive tool in hand, next is to get yourself a trusty shield to complete your look. Here’s where you can grab it.

Step 1: Find the Old House, which is locked.

Step 2: Go east until you reach a staircase going down.

Step 3: Go down the stairs all the way to the bottom until you spot a spear enemy guarding the key to your right.

The Old House key.

Step 4: Clear out the enemy, grab the key, and head back to the Old House.

Step 5: Unlock the door and go inside.

Step 6: Head down the hall and take your first right.

Step 7: Inside the dungeon, cross the bridge leading right to the shield.

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