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Trails into Reverie Characters’ English Voice Actors Revealed

NIS America revealed all of the English voice actors who will portray major characters in The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie. As expected, a number of people from past entries will return to revisit their roles. For example, Sean Chiplock will once again be Rean. He’s voiced the hero in English since the beginning. So far, all the revealed folks in this update hail from Erebonia and were part of Class VII.

Here’s the full list of English Trails into Reverie voice actors for major characters. While most of the cast have been playing these characters since the original Trails of Cold Steel, Heather Gonzalez began playing Laura as of Trails of Cold Steel 4 and Michelle Marie picked up the role of Millium starting in Trails of Cold Steel 3.

  • Alisa Reinford: Rachel Hirschfeld
  • Elliot Craig: Lucien Dodge
  • Emma Millstein: Rena Strober
  • Fie Claussell: Cassandra Lee Morris
  • Gaius Worzel: Kaiji Tang
  • Jusis Albarea: Benjamin Diskin
  • Laura S. Arseid: Heather Gonzalez
  • Machias Regnitz: Edward Bosco
  • Millium Orion: Michelle Marie
  • Rean Schwarzer: Sean Chiplock
  • Sara Valestein: Carrie Keranen

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie will appear on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC in Summer 2023. A limited edition will be available through NIS America. The PC version will offer VR support.

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