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Torchlight: Infinite announces 5 new Main Skills ahead of Season 2

Torchlight: Infinite, the mobile RPG looter from developer and publisher XD, has revealed in a devblog today that five brand-new Main Skills will be added in Season 2. These include Haunting Abomination, Blazing Bullet, Thunder Slash, Howling Gale, and Moon Strike. Additionally, Whirlwind has been adjusted.

Here’s the full statement from Torchlight: Infinite’s Twitter feed, which carefully notes that Season 2’s skill development is “almost” complete:

So far, all of the changes announced today seem very balanced. The devs acknowledge that Whirlwind has been popular, and while it may be disappointing to longtime fans, it probably needed to be nerfed a bit. So, they have reduced its base area to encourage players to try out their upcoming skills.

In fact, the changes for Season 2 have been considered a full remake. An earlier tweet shows off an example of some of the Whirlwind changes:

Similarly, all of the new Main Skills appear to have been built with that same strategy in mind, each designed with tiny “drawbacks” that demand gameplay practice to master. For example, even though Haunting Abomination deals subsequent damage, that lingering strength is determined by your aim with the first Hit damage.

Challenges like this should improve the overall experience by introducing more tactical gameplay. This may not always be necessary for mobile games, but it does make them stand out by adding more depth.

It’s a little strange that Howling Gale has been designed with two completely separate mechanics between mobile and PC gameplay. PC fans will be able to aim the skill with their cursor when channeling. Of course, there’s already a lot more freedom when you’re playing mouse-and-keyboard as opposed to a phone screen. At least the gale will still automatically seek out enemies.

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