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Tidal’s new DJ session feature is available to try for early access participants

Tidal, the high-bitrate quality music streaming service, is testing a new feature that lets its HiFi Plus subscribers play DJ. Participants of the service’s Early Access Program can switch from playing music just for themselves to a DJ session, which then provides a link that can be sent to friends who can listen in.

The Tidal feature can let you play remote work office DJ; just send the link to your team — assuming they all pay for Tidal (none of my co-workers could join my session). It could also be an outlet for people who are always demanding the AUX cable during road trips with friends — but now without complaints!

Start by tapping the DJ button, name the session, and then share out the link to people (in this case through Discord). Tidal paid subscribers who open the link can then stream on their mobile device.
Image: Tidal / The Verge

If you want to try out the new feature, first, you need to subscribe to Tidal’s top HiFi Plus feature (free for 30 days, then $19.99 per month). Then, sign up for the Early Access Program, which guides you to install a beta version of the app (either through Test Flight on iOS or join the beta in the Google Play store). Finally, open the app, play any playlist, then tap the DJ button to enable a session and get the share link.

The new feature is not to be confused with Tidal for DJs, which lets DJ performers and music producers get access to the Tidal library within “pro” audio software. While you might not be a real DJ using Tidal that way, at least now you can pretend to be.

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