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This New Move-to-Earn Project Offers Instant Rewards Without Needing Sneakers – Here’s How It Works

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A new move-to-earn project is making waves in the crypto space thanks to the pace it is changing the ways of fitness. Fight Out is a Web 3 fitness app that allows you to earn rewards for completing challenges that level up your body and make it fit for fighting.

FGHT, the native token of this fitness ecosystem, is currently undergoing its presale round and has raised upwards of $5 million.

Participating in the presale will give you more than just an early mover advantage. A presale bonus it offers will compound your gains in more ways than one.

The presale end date has been set, and so has the listing date. So, go to the official website – – and grab as many fitness tokens as you can get.

New Move-To-Earn Project That Changes How you View Fitness in Web 3

Fitness projects didn’t come out with a bang. Projects like Stepn provided a bunch of ways to finesse the system. And due to the high entry barrier due to the price of sneakers, not many people came around to adopting this project.

Fight Out is a new move-to-earn crypto project that has taken a different stand. It wants you to stand tall as you buy an affordable membership to use a fitness app that tracks every metric of your fitness routine to make you fighting fit.

Empowering this project is a dream to create the world’s first Web 3 real-life gyms that allow people to keep their bodies, as well as their crypto wallets, healthy.

The unique earning mechanics of this project come in the form of REPS. It is the off-chain currency you earn as you complete fitness challenges and level up your body.

But it won’t only be your body climbing the ladder of fitness. Your Souldbound Avatar, the free NFT that you will get access to as soon as you download the app, will also push you forward. The REPS you earn for completing the challenges can be spent on that Avatar. Customize it with cosmetics or power it up through abilities as it prepares to enter the world’s first fitness-based metaverse. 

But that’s not the only thing you can spend REPS on. REPS is your ticket into the real-life Fight Out gym and your way to pay for getting a high level of fitness training.

And if you run out of REPS, you can complete fitness challenges or buy it using the FGHT tokens.

FGHT – The Native Token With Unique Unique Rewards

The entire Fight Out ecosystem is powered by FGHT – an ERC- 20 tokens with more than one utility. Not only can you use this token to buy REPS, but you can also stake it to get unique stake-for-memberships rewards.

And when you do purchase REPS using FGHT, you get 25% extra REPS than you would by completing the challenges.

Stake-for-membership rewards consist of the app membership, free training from Fight Out ambassadors, 1-on-1 training sessions, and more.

You can also use this token to compete in leagues and tournaments and access special game modes that will give you access to bigger price pools.

And if you are a punter, you can use FGHT tokens to put wagers on high-profile contested.

Fight Out Combines Gaming and Fitness

Gaming and fitness have rarely been on the same page. People think of one as a way to waste away time in front of the screen and the other as a way to level up their lifestyle.

Fight Out is changing that by merging gaming and fitness into one. The project also aims to bring fighting games in the Web 3 universe that will take users’ fitness training levels into account when putting stats.

The game will pit users’ avatars against other players who would also use the REPS to upgrade their avatars for better competition. An inclusive form of gaming where fitness is not sidetracked is one of the many unique ideas that Fight Out has – and it’s helping it reach its presale target.

New Move to Earn Token Raises More than $5 Million

Fight Out is a multi-staged presale cryptocurrency that never encountered any issues going through its presale. It combined the best marketing channels with its unique utility in the fitness space to rush and clear one presale stage after another.

The token has already raised $5.05 million dollars since its introduction and is heading towards ending its presale. The token’s price is $0.02610 at the time of writing – which will increase once the latest presale stage ends.

Investing in it now is, therefore, a fruitful strategy to not lose out on profits that come through price increases as the stage passes.

Purchase Bonus – More than Only Early Mover Advantage

One would think that the standard early mover advantage is enough, but Fight Out has also added a unique purchase bonus to go along with.

The devs originally planned to keep the purchase bonus valid only till the end of the first target, but now, all who participate in the presale have a chance to earn a 67% purchase bonus.

The level of purchase bonus depends on the number of tokens you buy and the time till which you decide to vest your tokens. The bonus starts at 10%, which you will gain if you buy at least $500 worth of FGHT tokens.

And if you buy $50k worth of FGHT tokens, you will earn a 25% bonus.

You can choose to vest your tokens from 3 to 24 months to get an additional bonus of up to 28%.

This approach makes buying Fight Out tokens valuable in more ways than one – providing you with more than just an early mover advantage.

The Listing Date has Already Been Set

The final date of the presale and the listing date has already been set. The presale will end on 31st March, and by April 5th, the token will have its first listing.

A pre-determined listing date shows that devs are bullish about this project, and much of the development is already going on in the background. And as Fight Out is a unique cryptocurrency, investors must not waste time and get in early now.

How to Buy Fight Out Tokens

Here are the steps to buy FGHT tokens:

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Buy Fight Out tokens.
  4. Claim your tokens when the presale ends.


Fight Out is a great M2E project that comes together with P2E concepts. There is no need to invest heavily in some NFT sneakers to get in. Invest now and get the FGHT token at a discount price before the listing day.

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Fight Out (FGHT) – Newest Move to Earn Project

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