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These Robotic Hearts of Mine, due for delisting from the App Store soon, is currently completely free

Indie developer Draknet’s abstract and poetic puzzler These Robotic Hearts of Mine, which launched about ten years ago, is about ready to get delisted from the App Store. While this is a bit of a bummer, it’s not all bad news, as in the meantime you can grab the game completely for free!

These Robotic Hearts of Mine is an interesting little indie sleeper hit. Part puzzle game, part narrative storybook, this title features relatively simplistic puzzles all wrapped up in a thematic bow that explores matters of the heart from the perspective of a robot who has to be put back together.

This makes for a bit of an emotional adventure, despite mostly being presented through texts and minimalistic interfaces. If you’re familiar with the likes of Her Story or the more recently launched Immortality, this is a somewhat similar vibe, where bits and pieces of the story are presented to you in a very vague way in between short puzzle sessions, all eventually tying into a lovely and deep story.

Games like this are far from a dime a dozen, and that’s really where These Robotic Hearts of Mine shines. It is wholly unique, and even being as short as it is, is definitely a story worth experiencing yourself. And while a ten-year distance from the release date is a reasonable time to remove it from the storefront, it is a bit of a shame to see such an artistic piece becoming basically unplayable.

But, again, the bad news is overshadowed by the fact that you have about 90 days until this happens, and until then, you can grab it completely free of charge! And believe me, this is not a story you want to miss, so check out the App Store and give it a go yourself! In the meantime, you can check out our old review of the game for a deeper dive into it!

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