Theatrhythm Final Bar Line ProfiCards Show Top Characters & Songs

Part of Square Enix’s drip marketing for Theatrhythm Final Bar Line involves sharing tidbits on Twitter about the game. These teases can show off characters or gameplay elements. The latest involves a way to share user data. It looked at the Theatrhythm Final Bar Line ProfiCards players get, which let them show their top characters and songs and share Summonstones.

The new images show what the Theatrhythm Final Bar Line ProfiCards entail. On the page dedicated to them in-game, you can see your own card, edit it, see your collection of cards, exchange them, get a password, or enter a password. The front of a person’s Theatrhythm Final Bar Line card will show their three top songs played, while the back shows their top five most used characters and current party.

It also shows how someone can set a Summonstone. People’s full collection of available stones appear on the left. You can then choose which one is attached to your card and “given” to people who get your Theatrhythm Final Bar LineProfiCard. For example, the Knights of the Round Summonstone in the example has the benefits “CollectaCard drop rate+20%,” “item drop rate +10%,” and “trigger damage dealt +15%” when used.

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line will come out on February 16, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. In the past, Square Enix shared the full Theatrhythm Final Bar Line song list and teased some of its characters.

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