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The Valiant: 3-player co-op let’s play with a History Expert who isn’t just a man in a costume.

The Valiant, available now on Steam, is a squad-based RTS set in the 13th century in which you take control of a group of Knights Templar on a grand historical action adventure story across medieval Europe and the Middle East.

It includes PvP and co-op modes alongside its substantial single-player campaign: for this let’s play we decided to employ the services of a History Expert* in order to lean on their expertise in medieval combat and Templar trivia to see if that knowledge will help our writers Connor and Sherif survive the wave-based Last Man Standing mode, which pits up to three players against an onslaught of troops, cavalry, archers, and elite units. The goal? Defend three precious carts from arson attacks, and survive fifteen waves of brutal assault.

The Valiant will take you on journey across much of the medieval world.

*We did decide to employ the services of a history expert, but couldn’t find one, so we made a Welsh actor wear a stupid costume instead.

The Valiant is out now for PC, with console releases planned later.

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