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The magically surreal Finding the Soul Orb is now on Xbox and PlayStation

Playing out through a dark fantasy world, Finding the Soul Orb comes to Xbox and PlayStation, as players get the opportunity to fulfil their dreams, hunting down the titular Soul Orb as a story-driven adventure rolls along. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5, with full new-gen optimisation in house for those on Series X|S and PS5, Finding the Soul Orb comes from the publishing team at Eastasiasoft and the mind of one Tonguç Bodur. 

It’s that creative mind that has us most exicted for Finding the Soul Orb, mostly as we’ve taken in previous Tonguç Bodur creations like The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna and Lucid Cycle. They’ve not been game changing affairs, but they have certainly been thought-provoking experiences. 

Finding the Soul Orb is the latest from Tonguç Bodur and in it we’ll be thrust into a dark fantasy land, one in which the high wizards have taken to the creation of the Soul Orb. It’s this which has kept your kingdom safe from all evil, but now it’s time to hunt out its location. 

What rolls from there is a first-person, story-driven journey, one that merges haunting realism with some seriously surreal dreamscapes. Exploration and discovery is the key to what unfolds, but when light and dark are constantly vying for space, one big question arises – will you be able to see it through to the end?

Key game features include:

  • Discover a dark fantasy world in first-person with a story spanning 12 chapters!
  • Use a crossbow both as a weapon and a versatile tool.
  • Defend against menacing werewolves that grow in numbers as you progress!
  • Enjoy atmospheric audio design and a charming soundtrack.
  • Change between difficulty settings at any time.
  • Discover hidden creatures and other secrets through careful exploration!

Finding the Soul Orb is certainly an interesting option to have as Xbox and PlayStation gamers, and we’ll deliver our full review in the coming days, letting you know if this one is up there with the best from Tonguç Bodur. Until that time, hit up the PlayStation Store and get a PS4 or PS5 download, or pay a visit to the Xbox Store should you be on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. It’ll only cost you £5.79.

Game Description:

Wield your crossbow both as a weapon of defense and a tool to solve the puzzles of a dark fantasy realm! The high wizards created the Soul Orb, and for ages it has served the kingdom well. Now it calls to Alexander in his dreams, and he is determined to uncover its location. Finding the Soul Orb is a medieval fantasy game where you must use a crossbow both as a weapon against creatures of the night as well as a tool to solve environmental puzzles across 12 immersive chapters. Presented in first-person perspective, this is a story-driven adventure that blurs the line between haunting realism and surreal dreamscapes, a journey that tests the mind and will of the player in one instance and invites exploration and discovery the next, ever balanced between light and dark. Will you survive to see it through?

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