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The First Trailer For Nintendo’s Super Mario Movie Is Just Around The Corner

Until the trailer (presumably) provides more plot details, the only official thing we have to go on is the promotional poster Nintendo shared in its announcement tweet. But we can make a few guesses based on what it shows us. Judging by the adventuring gear popping out of Toad’s backpack, it looks like the character might be pulling double-duty as both Toad and Captain Toad, the puzzle-solving explorer first introduced in “Super Mario Galaxy,” who has since gone on to get his own game on the Switch. 

It also appears as though Toad is showing Mario around this particular area of the Mushroom Kingdom, with what looks like Princess Peach’s castle way out on the horizon. Really though, the promotional image just raises more questions (that will hopefully be answered at least somewhat by the upcoming trailer). 

Does this mean that the story will touch on Mario’s introduction to the world? Or is it just thing specific marketplace-looking area that he hasn’t seen before? Is that wood-carrying Toad with the yellow spots staring at Mario because he’s a celebrity (as he tends to be in many of the “Mario” games these days), or is it because nobody’s seen a person like Mario before in this world? Also, why isn’t Luigi with Mario? Speculation aside, if the film itself looks as good as what we can see in that photo, it’s at least going to be a pleasure to look at.

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