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The Division Resurgence announces new Live Test for December

The Division Resurgence, the very first mobile title in the Division shooter series, has just revealed that the next live test will be available between December 8th and December 22nd, 2022.

The test will be available on Android devices. Players will have access to some of the story, world activities, solo or team-based gameplay, and the first opportunity to try out the Dark Zone. Here’s the big announcement from The Division Resurgence feed:

The Division series has sometimes struggled, but it has a loyal fanbase, and introducing it to the mobile market will definitely renew interest. The style, atmosphere and modes from the core series do feel like a natural fit for strong mobile content.

Behind the scenes, The Division 2 earned a lot of respect after setting a strong standard for communication with the fans, by opening a known issues Trello Board. Hopefully, the same can be said for The Division Resurgence, which has ample opportunities to add new content and improve as the first mobile outing.

News for The Division Resurgence has been a little slow since releasing its first trailer back in July. Most updates have simply mentioned what was already in that trailer. But honestly, many of the features promised by The Division Resurgence sound more promising than the main series installments.

It’s important to note that the official blog today limits the upcoming live test to “players in Europe at first”, and that more regions “may” be added later on. That’s some frustrating fine print, but all players can register now for a chance to play.

The post also mentions that future live tests aim to include iOS devices too, “in the first half of 2023”. It seems they are taking the process slowly and cautiously. This is a little disappointing, but it does give them room to breathe and improve as needed between tests. Since there’s no NDA, word of mouth will matter a great deal.

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