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The developers of Celeste debut the first trailer for their next game, Earthblade

Extremely OK Games, the makers of the beloved indie platformer Celeste, shared a first trailer for the studio’s next game, Earthblade, at The Game Awards 2022 on Thursday.

In Earthblade, you play as a character named Nevoa as you explore a “free-roaming, dynamically-loading map,” according to an email sent shortly after the trailer debuted. The game has 2D pixel graphics to Celeste, but Earthblade looks to take place in a more fantasy-inspired world.

The main character from Earthblade approaches a mysterious mirror.
Image: Extremely OK Games

The trailer doesn’t reveal too much about the game itself, but the email has a few details about what you can expect. “We think that this ‘seamlessness’ will likely be Earthblade’s defining feature, and it is related to why we hesitate to call this game a ‘Metroidvania,’” Extremely OK Games’ Maddy Thorson wrote in the email. “It does feature character growth and progression — your moveset is not static as in Celeste — but structurally it doesn’t feel quite right to promise something that fits nicely in line with those storied Metroids and Vanias.”

Earthblade was first shown in April 2021 in a limited “vibe reveal.” At the time, it was listed with an extremely vague “20XX” release date, but at The Game Awards, Extremely OK Games said the game will be released in 2024.

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