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The Callisto Protocol’s DLC roadmap includes new story content in summer 2023

Striking Distance Studios has further detailed its DLC plans for The Callisto Protocol.

The studio has published a DLC roadmap revealing release dates or launch windows for content included in the game’s season pass, as well as free updates for all players.

On February 7, all players will receive free access to New Game Plus and Hardcore modes.

The Callisto Protocol – Official Launch Trailer

In terms of premium season pass content, which is further detailed below, the Outer Way Skin Collection will also arrive on February 7.

It will be followed by the Contagion Bundle in March, the Riot bundle next spring, and new story content in the summer.

The Callisto Protocol season pass:

  • Outer Way Skin Collection: Bear the armor of the Outer Way, an underground insurgency pitted against the UJC, as you fight to survive the horrors of Callisto.
  • Contagion Bundle: Discover the ultimate survival horror experience with a new mode, Contagion. With reduced ammo and health drops, a customized difficulty and permadeath – there are no second chances to escape Black Iron Prison or the horrors lurking beneath the surface of Callisto. The Contagion Bundle also includes thirteen new Jacob death animations and the Watchtower Skin Collection.
  • Riot Bundle: Venture into a previously undiscovered area of Black Iron Prison and battle through waves of brutal enemies. Gather credits to upgrade your weapons, or forge new ones, and survive the onslaught as long as you can in Riot, an all-new mode. The Riot Bundle also includes twelve new enemy death animations and the Engineer Skin Collection.
  • Story DLC: Dig deeper into the horrifying secrets of The Callisto Protocol.

The brainchild of Dead Space creator and Striking Distance CEO Glen Schofield, the game challenges players to escape a maximum security prison on Jupiter’s moon Callisto in the year 2320, after a mysterious outbreak begins transforming its inmates into monstrous creatures.

It was recently confirmed that The Callisto Protocol’s season pass will include extra death animations for the game’s protagonist Jacob and the enemies he faces.

Following suggestions from some sites and social media users that this implied content had been cut from the main game in order to later be released as DLC, Schofield took to Twitter to refute this.

Callisto Protocol publisher Krafton’s stock took a dip on the Korea Exchange on Friday, coinciding with the game launching to mid-70s reviews.

VGC’s The Callisto Protocol review called it “a solid, but safe Dead Space successor” which is lacking in originality but delivers strong strategic combat.

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