The Best Video Game Art of 2022: Nominees

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but regardless of your individual taste, 2022 saw some of the most visually stunning games ever released. In this year’s shortlist of Best Video Game Art, fairy tale worlds are up against beautifully haunting vistas, robot dinosaurs roam sumptuous landscapes, cute rules supreme when the hero is a fox, and colourful manuscripts make for a welcome change in style.

These are the nominees for Best Video Game Art in 2022. Come back next week when the winner is announced.

From the moment you step out into The Lands Between, Elden Ring’s haunting vistas immediately capture the eye as colossal golden trees tower over crumbling ruins of a land lost to decay. Much more than a dreary landscape, Elden Ring’s many regions beckon with all sorts of strange and wondrous locales, and mysterious points of interest continue to catch your attention thanks in no small part to their alluring architecture and organic terrain. Even a seemingly innocuous trip below the earth leads to verdant underground forests, rivers of vibrant rot, and caverns so large you may mistake the glittering walls above for the wonders of the cosmos. No matter where your adventure takes you in Elden Ring, the sights you encounter are sure to leave an impression that’s not soon forgotten.

God of War Ragnarok

Beauty bursts from every seam of God of War Ragnarok. Realms old and new are regularly a sight to behold – many looking torn from the pages of fairy tales, stocked with oversized flora and fauna. Whether in Elven sands or Vanaheim forests, there’s never a shortage of incredible art on display to enjoy and destroy from stunning architecture to grotesque beasts. The unique interpretations of creatures, people, and places they inhabit imagined at the fingertips of a design team working at the top of their craft, and brought to life by technological artists that Santa Monica houses so many of. God of War Ragnarok is a work of art on every level, impressive in both its sweeping scale and intricate detail, and a masterful accomplishment from concept to screen.

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most gorgeous games ever made. Its vast world is packed full of sweeping spectacle and intricate detail – from the tiny touches such as individual blades of scarlet grass to the mechanical marvels that trample over them. With a greater sense of civilisation than its predecessor explored, Forbidden West extends its artistic eye to the unique settlements that combine old-world architecture cleverly with the beauty of the natural world. That vision in unison with the people that call them home with each tribe distinct from one another and the costume design on show astounding. Every corner of Forbidden West has been given the care and attention it deserves. It’s a stunning technological achievement that breathes life into its impressive concept art and designs.


All you have to do is take one look at Pentiment to see why we chose it as a nominee for Best Art of 2022. This detective thriller set in the Late Medieval Bavarian countryside has an absolutely wonderful storybook art style that is inspired by the colorful manuscripts from the very era the game takes place in. Throughout the 15 to 20-hour adventure, you will journey through the town of Tassing, sprawling fields, magnificent churches, foreboding crypts, and so much more, and each one is as visually arresting as the last. It also doesn’t hurt that the art style is accompanied by a gameplay experience we awarded a rare 10/10 to.


While Tunic plays like a cross between The Legend of Zelda and Dark souls, it doesn’t quite look like anything else: Its world is built of friendly, almost plushy polygons; stone, greenery, and enemies alike share this style. The camera perspective, warm colors, and the welcoming textures lend to a diorama-like look, where everything looks tiny and intricate. What’s more, environmental features, seemingly innocuous etchings, and sometimes the camera perspective itself cleverly hide the fantastic puzzles Tunic has throws at you. However, Tunic also comes with an intricate, hand-drawn (and hand-noted by a mysterious previous owner), well-worn, NES-style manual paper manual, the “scanned-in” pages of which are collectibles in the world. These pages tell stories, hint at puzzle solutions, and enliven the world with their amusingly dark, self-serious printed comic-like style that makes for a fun juxtaposition to the lighthearted graphics of the in-game world. It’s a brilliant mash-up of art styles, both referential and like nothing else before it.

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