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The Battle Cats teams up with the world famous anime series Fate/Stay Night for the latest collaboration

The Battle Cats, an oddball gacha strategy mobile game, has officially announced their next collaborative effort: this time with the world-famous multi-media series Fate/Stay Night. This collaboration brings with it a ton of new units for you to collect, as well as a brand new Arena of Honor stage that will see you doing battle with characters from Fate/Stay Night exclusively!

In case you aren’t familiar, The Battle Cats is a quasi-auto battler that sees you take up one side of the screen as you fight off opponents clashing with your forces from the other side of the screen. What really makes this game stand out is the weird art style that mostly consists of hand-drawn cat units that can take on endearingly strange shapes, be those giant towering creatures or your normal small kitten.

As for Fate, I’d venture to say it needs nearly no introduction. Whether you’ve heard of it from the popular anime series or the equally popular mobile game Fate GO, which has maintained its place as the most profitable gacha game ever made basically since launch, this series has some of the most recognisable faces out there.

This collaboration will mix the two, bringing those faces to the world of The Battle Cats. What’s really interesting is that, with the 13 new Units that can be gathered from the gacha banner, 8 of them are actually not cats at all, and are instead fully realised characters from the anime – not cats dressed as those characters, as they usually are when it comes to collaborations in The Battle Cats, but just fully themselves.

Alongside those units, the remainder is the typical style of unit – spherical cute hand-drawn cats adorned in the outfit of the Fate characters they’re representing. Along with all of these units, the other piece of new content is the new Arena of Honor, which will send wave after wave of Fate-inspired enemies at your fortress, which you’ll have to fight off.

Whether you’re a fan of Fate or a Battle Cats player looking for the newest units to add to your team, this is the event for you. Check it out by downloading the game for free at either of the links below this article!

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