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Team Fortress 2 update adds VScript and you can now run Linux inside it

Not only has Team Fortress 2 been updated but it seems like quite a huge one thanks to the addition of VScript, and you can now run Linux inside it. That’s right, TF2 came to Linux back in 2013 and now TF2 itself can run Linux. What a time to be alive.

Developer Joshua Ashton, who also works on DXVK and VKD3D-Proton (part of Steam Play Proton) has been busy it seems, helping out with other Valve projects like TF2 adding in VScript which enables map makers to do some pretty wild stuff. Here’s the main changes:

  • Implemented VScript
    • VScript allows mappers to embed script code (Squirrel3) into maps. This system is already being used for L4D2 and CS:GO maps.
      • Interface with entities and the world like regular Hammer logic
      • Simplify things that were previously incredibly complicated/tedious in Hammer logic
      • Interact with and control bots, bosses, player attributes, entities, and game state closely, allowing for enhanced, modified or entirely custom game modes
      • React to game events and change the outcome of certain things, such as damage calculations
    • More technical info about VScript for Team Fortress 2 is available on the Valve Developer Community
  • Added the ability to change the skybox dynamically using the skybox_swapper entity or SetSkyboxTexture
  • Added support for custom MvM upgrade files packed into the map
  • Added point_worldtext, an entity that can show text dynamically, with support for multiple SDF (signed distance field) fonts, multiple colors and a rainbow mode
  • Exposed several movement related ConVars
  • Implemented support for func_monitor and cameras
  • Implemented logic_eventlistener for listening to game events from Hammer logic
  • Added the ability to pass parameters and delay to MvM populator actions
  • Improved compile time with VRAD
  • Special thanks to Jakub and everyone on the GitHub VScript Mega Issue for testing, providing feedback, and submitting requests

Ashton even did a little video, to show Linux running inside Team Fortress 2 and you can find the code behind it on GitHub. It’s quite fascinating, and probably means it won’t be long before someone puts Doom inside TF2 if they haven’t already somehow.

Want to actually know more about it and what it can possibly do? YouTuber shounic, who I imagine you already know if you’re into TF2, did a video on the Beta version of this which you can see below and explains it many times better than I could hope to for you:

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