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Take A Ride In Season: A Letter To The Future Next Month

Season: A Letter to the Future has made its serene presence known in the form of a new trailer revealing its release date: January 31. 

The colorful adventure game was first revealed at the same event in 2020. It stars a young woman who leaves her isolated village to explore the world for the first time on her bike. Unfortunately, the world is on the brink of suffering a mysterious catastrophe, and the woman collects memories of her experiences before everything falls apart. The bulk of the gameplay, naturally, consists of cycling to different locations and meeting the colorful personalities who inhabit them. You’ll document your adventures by taking photographs and making recordings. 

Season: A Letter to the Future will be available on PlayStation consoles and PC (both Steam and Epic). It’s worth noting that pricing differs by platform. The game costs $29.99 on console and $24.99 on PC with an additional 10% launch discount until February 7. 

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