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SwordMaster Story introduces upgraded limited characters from hit anime KonoSuba in re-run collaboration event

Sword Master Story has announced its latest celebration post off its 2nd Anniversary event, this time heading back to the popular anime KonoSuba for more content! This is not the first time Sword Master Story has crossed paths with the magic-based anime series, but this one brings fresh new events and upgraded characters up for grabs too!

Let’s go over the characters first, as they’re surely the highlights. First up, we’ve got Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness. All three were previously introduced with the past collaboration, but these versions include upgraded skills, making this a great chance for players who missed them before to get their hands on the protagonists of the anime!

Aqua takes her role as a powerful healer using her Arc Priest and Goddess skills, both of which are massive HP regenerating abilities, alongside her party-wide buff Blessing skill. Megumin, a fan-favourite character, is a ranged DPS character who can blast away crowds with huge AoE abilities. And finally, Darkness. Darkness acts as the tank for the group, and simply having her in your team composition will increase your party’s health and defence as well as give you a great damage-soaking character.

In addition to these new upgraded versions of the collab characters, there are also new costumes that are going to be available for Cain, Yui, and Yun-Yun as well as Lilith and Wiz. Those first three will be themed after KonoSuba, while the other two are focused on the idea of a scary monster hiding behind an attractive appearance.

And finally, we’ve got the collaboration event dungeon which can be explored five times a day. Here, you can gather up collaboration coins and gold, which can then be traded for a variety of rewards and upgrade materials. And finally, the new KonoSuba Limited Premium Pass, KonoSuba Photo Event, and the Coming Soon Event Quiz will all be introduced with this update too.

If you’d like to get in on all this new content, you can download Sword Master Story for free at either of the links below!

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