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Splatoon 3’s Chill Season is giving us the cosy fits we need for the winter months

Nintendo’s put out a brand new Splatoon 3 trailer showing off the upcoming Chill Season, promising fresh fits, new weapons, and the return of an old favourite stage.

This Chill Season kicks off in Splatoon 3 on December 1, and looks like it should liven things up again since the game launched in September. So far we’ve had a couple of Splatfests, one of them just over the weekend which was a collaboration with Pokemon, but this upcoming update will add in a couple of news modes.

First up is the arrival of X Battles, a new mode for the series that’s more about your skill level than anything else. We’ve seen it in previous Splatoon 3 showcases, and you can only unlock it after reaching the elite rank in Anarchy Battles, so if you’re looking to play with the big fish, you better start putting the work in.

Then there’s Big Run, a new, infrequent version of Salmon Run that we don’t know too much about just yet. It has been shown off briefly in the past too, and should put some kind of a spin on the standard Salmon Run gameplay, and all Nintendo has said so far is that “The first Big Run is on the way! Take on waves of Salmonids on the Wahoo World stage!” This one is expected to come around every few months, so make sure to hop in before it heads out.

If you’ve been around since the very first game, you might also be happy to know that Flounder Heights is back, but with this update comes a new stage too, Brinewater Springs. This one looks really lovely, going for a much more traditional Japanese vibe than the modern city environments we might be used to.

You’ll also spot three new weapons, a roller, shooter, and charger, as well as a few other weapons from the older games. Not much details on the new weapons right now, so we’ll have to wait and see when they drop.

Lastly, the new season will bring new clothes, so you can add to your wardrobe and hopefully dress warmer for the oncoming cold months.

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