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Sonos speakers are 20 percent off through Cyber Monday

Here’s a good deal: a big swath of Sonos’s speakers and soundbars are 20 percent off through Cyber Monday. The sale is now live at Sonos’s website as well as Best Buy, Target, and other retailers. Pretty much everything is at its lowest price ever, and while there are some notable exclusions — including the Sonos Roam, Five, and Sub Mini — it’s still a great time to fill out your Sonos system.

You can pair either soundbar with other Sonos speakers or subwoofers to create a surround sound system. The Sub (third-gen) is on sale for $599 at Best Buy and Sonos and pairs better with the Arc; the Sub Mini is (alas) not on sale.

The Sonos One is the best starting point for a Sonos system and is on sale for $176 at both Best Buy and Sonos instead of $220. You can use one to fill a medium-sized room with sound. You can use two for stereo. You can pair them with Sonos’s speaker bars for surround sound. They’re endlessly flexible, and they’re on sale. If you don’t know what to get, get this one. The Sonos One SL (on sale for $160 at Best Buy and Sonos, which is a $30 discount) is slightly cheaper and doesn’t have any microphones, so you have to talk to other machines in order to tell it what to do. That’s a perk, for some folks.

[U]nless you’re adamantly opposed to having mics in your gadgets, I’d steer clear of the Roam SL. It only saves you $20 but loses fairly substantial features like automatic Trueplay sound quality tuning, the Sound Swap feature mentioned above, and (obviously) all voice interactions. For $99 or $129, I could absolutely see it. But $159 is just too much to ask for the Roam SL.

Just under the wire. Guess that makes it a deal.

Sonos has a variety of bundles on sale as well, but most don’t offer any savings over buying each piece separately.

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