Sonic Zips Around Stages In New Frontiers Trailer

Sonic Frontiers has just released a brand-new trailer featuring the iconic hedgehog zipping around and spin-attacking enemies. In it, we get a peek at Starfall Island, the new locale taking center stage in the next iteration of the Sonic franchise.

Dubbed the Official Showdown Trailer, this promo shows Sonic clashing with all types of new enemies in a new environment. The trailer opens up with Sonic overlooking a numerous amount of portals, each dropping off oddly shaped mechanical looking enemies. The speedster makes quick work of his foes, spin-attacking, kicking, and punching them to smithereens.

The video then transitions to what appears to be gameplay footage, showing Sonic zooming around an open world filled with rings to jump through and more robotic enemies to demolish. The trailer then features Amy Rose, Sonic’s speculative love interest, fading away into pixels. Fans get to see longtime sidekick Tails in the video as well.

Sonic Frontiers is the first open-world game in the series, bringing with it a bevy of new boosts for the blue-haired hedgehog. The series will also see it’s first skill tree, giving players different abilities to use and different ways to use them. Players can upgrade their skills by finding Skill Pieces from defeated enemies, encouraging gamers to venture out the open world.

Enemies featured in the trailer are unlike any Sonic has faced before. Starfall Island is filled with mechanical monsters ranging in size; the promo features robots as small as Sonic to titans covering the screen. Some have shields meant to slow Sonic down, which is where his new abilities come in. Cyloop is the newest weapon in Sonic’s arsenal, giving the hedgehog the ability to run in a circle around his enemies, leaving a trail of light and energy that he can enclose to destroy them.

He’s going to need as many new power-ups as he can get as the new video shows Sonic against a colossal enemy. Luckily, the Chaos Emeralds were around and Sonic was able to go Super Sonic. Imbuing himself with the positive energy of the Emeralds, Sonic goes gold and flies into the air, becoming level with the behemoth. The trailer closes on the monster throwing a punch as Sonic flies full-speed into it with a punch ready as well.

Players can explore all the mysteries Starfall Island has to offer when Sonic Frontiers comes out November 8.

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