Sol: Last Days of a Star Reprint and Insert Up On Kickstarter

December 07, 2022 by Polar_Bear

Elephant Laboratories is running a Kickstarter for a new printing run of Sol: Last Days of a Star. But along with that, there’s also a new insert as part of the campaign to help you keep your game all nice and separate when not in use. The campaign is up and running now.

From the campaign:

Whether you have been waiting 3+ years for the reprint, already have Sol on your game shelves, or are just now discovering Sol exists—welcome! This campaign offers something for everyone.

  •    We’re thrilled to offer owners of the game a beautifully designed, custom insert for anyone who wants to move beyond a box with free floating components.
  •    Already know about Sol or just finding us? Excellent news: with enough support, we’ll fund a full reprint of the existing game.
  •    What’s new you ask? Well, the insert for one. Core gameplay and components will remain the same, including all the stretch goals from the previous campaign. Beyond that, we may take the opportunity to clarify some things in the rulebook and diagrams.

New Insert

In addition to a reprint of the original Sol: Last Days of a Star, this campaign is offering a custom wooden insert which organizes all of the components into helpful compartments you can handle independently of the others. Slots for each suit make building the instability deck straightforward, and passing out and drawing the pieces for each player is a satisfying experience.

The campaign’s up and over its funding goal with 27 days left to go.


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