Soccer Story kicks off on Xbox, Game Pass, PlayStation, Switch and PC

If you’re looking for a new football tale to keep you busy into the wee small hours of the night, then it’s perfect timing for the kick off of Soccer Story, as PanicBarn and No More Robots help us create our own narratives away from the World Cup. 

Available to purchase, download, play and, ultimately, enjoy right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC is Soccer Story – a humorous comedy-driven open-world RPG in which you’ll be going about saving the world with a football; or soccer ball as the title suggests. 

Priced up at £16.74 on the Xbox Store, or running Game Pass capabilities should you prefer, Soccer Story comes from those behind a host of other gaming experiences. It’s been put together by the development team at PanicBarn, pushed out via publishing rights by those at No More Robots, they previously behind the likes of Descenders and Hypnospace Outlaw

It tells the tale of a world which is on the brink See, The Calamity has threatened to tear at the very foundations of the football world, allowing the evil Soccer Inc to rock up and take control of the sport. The problem is, they’ve pretty much banned anyone from grabbing a ball and going for a kickaround. 

It’s here where you come in – The Savior of Soccer – tasked from not just bringing the beautiful game back to life, but delivering harmony to the world once more. 

Playing out in a cartoony fashion, Soccer Story will deliver a range of ideas and features, including that of a fishing game. Yep, fishing, football, hand-in-hand. 

The key features in fact, include:

  • Drop your soccer ball and play anywhere! The world is full of goals, puzzles and secrets – it’s up to you to find them!
  • Play a single-player story full of quirky characters, quests, rogue refs, and wacky soccer-adjacent sports
  • Build your soccer career and do battle against the fiercest soccer teams like literal sharks, toddlers, old-age pensioners, and ninjas
  • Save soccer and restore peace and harmony to the world
  • Grab a friend for a four-player local multiplayer match mode with a full roster of teams and animal captains

Soccer Story is on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Whether you pay the £16.74 asking price or make the most of Game Pass. It’s also on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

Our full review is incoming but for now you could do worse than check out the launch trailer below. 

Game Description:

It’s been a year since The Calamity tore apart the very foundations of soccer as we know it, and since then, Soccer Inc. has made dang well sure that not a soul has been allowed to even look at a soccer ball, let alone kick it. Soccer may have been banned across the world… but now there is hope! A magical soccer ball has chosen you, our Savior of Soccer! Soccer Story is a physics-driven adventure RPG, where every problem can be solved with your trusty magic ball. Along the way, you’ll need to best bad guys in 1v1s, compete in a range of different sports (with your soccer ball, of course), and sometimes use your brain just as much as your balls In a world that has long forgotten The Beautiful Game, can you remind them why soccer is top of the table, and best the most formidable teams, including the local toddlers and a group of sharks?

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