Skullgirls Mobile introduces new Black Dahlia character with the latest 5.2 update

Hidden Variable has pushed out the latest update for its popular mobile fighting game Skullgirls Mobile. This new patch includes a brand new character alongside Retakes, XP Treats, an assortment of free goodies for everyone, and even more!

Shockingly enough, this new character, whose name is Black Dahlia, actually hit the mobile port of the game before she landed on either the console or the PC version of the game! Typically speaking, especially in regards to new characters, those editions of the game tend to get updates before the mobile version does, so it’s nice to see the pocket version get some love before the others.

Black Dahlia is a mid-range fighter with a ton of mobility, and is primarily based around mixing up your opponent with tricky blockstrings as you dash to and from each side of the screen, even having the ability to teleport. She’s got a ton of projectiles as well, but rather than some other projectile-based zoners who typically play around the long range, she’s meant to utilise those projectiles to further enhance her tricky playstyle and keep the opponent within range of her other moves.

Utilising the gun she wields, Black Dahlia can use different shot types, each affecting the opponent in different ways. Some are better at inflicting armour break, some will allow her to gain regen and haste, and some even inflict different status ailments too! You’ll have to use each wisely to truly master Black Dahlia.

Add in the new character addition with some free gifts being handed out such as free XP and cosmetics, and this update is looking mighty generous. If you’d like to take a deeper look at it, you can check out the official patch notes as well.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to try out Black Dahlia with your own hands, you can download Skullgirls Mobile for free at either of the links below!

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