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RuneScape Player Gets Max Level In Hardest Mode After 8 Years

After eight years, a RuneScape player with an Iron Man Mode account type has managed to reach max-level, a painstakingly difficult challenge that requires reaching 200 million XP in every single skill.

If you haven’t heard of the Iron Man mode, it doesn’t give you a suit of Tony Stark’s armour and let you fly around Gielinor, blasting away at Thanos’ goons. It’s a mode that forces you to be completely self-sufficient – you can’t trade, PvP, take part in group activities, or anything else with other players.

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And because you’re on your own, it takes far more effort to get XP and earn better gear, since you’re locked out a lot of RuneScape’s content. It is an MMORPG afterall, and MMORPG does stand for massively multiplayer online RPG. Regardless, Iron Hyger managed it, completing one of the most grindy challenges in RuneScape history (thanks, GamesRadar).


The skills which they had to get 200 million XP isn’t a short list made up of the odd expected entry like attack and defence, but a lengthy log including Strength, Hitpoints, Ranged, Prayer, Magic, Cooking, Woodcutting, Fletching, Fishing, Firemaking, Crafting, Smithing, Mining, Herblore, Agility, Thieving, Slayer, Farming, Runecraft, Hunter, and Construction.

This puts them Iron Hyger 500 million XP above didss who is currently in second place. And they’re over 500 million ahead of SteSkillalt who is in third place. The total XP for this max-skills run puts Lucky at a nice and rounded 4,600,000,000, or 4.6 billion. If you want to replicate this, just set aside eight years of your life, devote your time to RuneScape, and make sure you’re decent at the game. Easy enough, eh?

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