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Rogue Looter SYNCED Gets PC Beta Test Next Month

Publisher Level Infinite and developer NexT Studios have announced that they will conduct an open beta test for their upcoming multiplayer rogue-looter third-person shooter game ‘SYNCED’, starting from December 10th until January 15th.

The open beta will contain a big portion of content from the final product, including a variety of characters, enemies and environments. A number of PvE and PvP game modes with various winning conditions and difficulties will also be available, with new content also being delivered weekly for the duration of the open BETA, in addition to multiple rewards for those who register early. The main server is in the US, but there are other servers in EU and Asia as well, so players who want to play with their friends are advised to choose the same battle server for co-op play.


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The open test will be available via the game’s official website, as well as Steam. It will support seven different languages including English, and the game will have full controller support. As for the beta schedule and starting times, this will vary depending on the place and timezone:

Global BETA Test Release Schedule

Los Angeles: December 9 – 16:00 (Pacific Standard Time)

New York: December 9 – 19:00 (Eastern Standard Time)

Mexico City: December 9 – 18:00 (Central European Time)

London: December 10 – 00:00 (Greenwich Mean Time)

Paris: December 10 – 01:00 (Central European Time)

Istanbul: December 10 – 03:00 (Turkey Time)

Astana: December 10 – 06:00 (Alma-Ata Time)

Manila: December 10 – 08:00 (Pacific Standard Time)

Tokyo: December 10 – 09:00 (Japan Standard Time)

SYNCED is a new multiplayer shooter that adds its own unique touch to PVE and PVP matches, where players who defeat the evil nanomachines will be able to turn them into companions and hurl them against rival squads and other enemies. Each team is composed of three members called Runners, and every runner will come equipped with their unique nano technology. The full game is also intended to employ a fair monetization system that avoids pay-to-win gimmicks and rewards players for their time and effort, but more info will be shared about that aspect when the full release arrives.

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