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Rip your hair out with Mr. Run and Jump on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC

The neon delights of Mr. Run and Jump

Chilled out platformer? Neon graphics? A cute, minimalist protagonist? Mr. Run and Jump on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC will provide at least two of those things. Okay, we’ll be honest – no facet of Mr. Run and Jump is chilled out. This particular platformer is tough. As. Nails.

Run, Jump and More!

This one immediately brings to mind the pixel-perfect platforming of Super Meat Boy and Celeste. And now Mr. Run and Jump releases on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC. Oh, and it also launches on the Atari VCS – Atari’s latest first-party console – if you are so inclined.

Our cartoony sprite known as Mr. Run and Jump joins his trusty dog, Leap, as they navigate the Realms of Colour. They must gather all of the Power Gems from this realm and defeat the nefarious Void. How will they do this? Well, of course, they must run and jump across a variety of neon-coloured levels, complete with all manner of deadly obstacles.

In addition to running and jumping, you will add enough moves to your repertoire to make even Mario jealous. Soon enough you’ll be incorporating a dash, roll and double jump in order to garner enough momentum to cross the largest of gaps.

Die, Die, and Die Again

Up for dying over and over? Especially if you want to collect each of the game’s collectibles? Well, tucked away in many nooks and crannies, grabbing these are a surefire way to meet your maker on hundreds of instances. Never fear though, you’ll be respawned at a checkpoint in a matter of a few seconds.

Furthermore, the Dynamic Assistance system present in Mr. Run and Jump makes the game accessible to players of all abilities. If you find yourself struggling with a level, the game is always happy to give you a helping hand.

Run and Jump Today!

Mr. Run and Jump is now available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch, PC and the Atari VCS. If you are looking for a copy on Xbox, check out the Xbox Store, where the game can be purchased for £19.99.

But first, make sure to read our full review of the game!

Game Description

In this electric 2D platformer, help Mr. Run and Jump defeat the terrifying Void and collect all the Power Gems from the Realms of Color! Joined by his trusty pal Leap the Dog, the duo must venture through a dazzling and dangerous world, dodging countless enemies and conquering hundreds of fierce platforming challenges to save the day! 

Mr. Run and Jump draws you in with precise level design, free-flowing gameplay, and formidable challenge. Silky controls encourage players to run, jump, dash, double jump, and roll to clear levels with style, making it a speedrunner’s dream. Collectibles hidden in tough-to-reach spots demand players use their wits as well as their dexterity. Dynamic Assistance options allow players to set the level of difficulty they want. No matter how you play, Mr. Run and Jump offers engaging gameplay options to players of varying skill levels and approaches.

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