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Return To Castlevania In The Next Dead Cells DLC, Arriving Q1 2023

Motion Twin’s award-winning roguelite Metroidvania Dead Cells was the first game to receive an announcement at The Game Awards’ pre-show this year.

In a brief trailer, it was revealed Dead Cells would be collaborating with Konami’s long-running Castlevania series. Fans can expect a new DLC update at some point in Q1 2023.

“Battle through the ancient corridors of Dracula’s Castle in this upcoming expansion to the acclaimed fast-paced action roguelite Dead Cells. Team up with Richter Belmont & Alucard and wield iconic Castlevania weapons against hordes of monsters to reach the throne room of the Dark Lord himself…”

This update will allow players to fight with 14 iconic weapons and items from the Castlevania series, experience two new biomes, listen to an alternative soundtrack of 51 Castlevania tunes and battle three “epic” bosses including Dracula and Death.

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