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Plague Tale‘s million players still don’t outnumber the rats, though

A Plague Tale is always one of those game series I’m glad to see is doing well, because the games provide a nice new perspective in the industry. A few years ago if you had told me one of the protagonists of a popular action game franchise were a teenaged girl and her younger brother as they evade hoards of bloodthirsty rats, I likely wouldn’t have believed you.

The studio behind the games, Focus Entertainment, has announced via Twitter that A Plague Tale: Requiem has surpassed 1 million players, which is always an impressive milestone for an indie game. The game was officially released on October 18th, so it’s also pretty telling that it was able to surpass that number only a few weeks after its release, as well. The announcement tweet gave a kind “thank you” to the million players who have “embarked on an incredible journey with Amicia and Hugo.”

The Plague Tale games certainly don’t look like what we normally expect from indie titles, namely when it comes to the graphics. Times have really changed for smaller studios, because they’re proving time and time again that they can hold their own against some of the biggest companies around, not just because they can keep up with the graphical fidelity gamers have become used to, but also because they design interesting, compelling, and simply well-made games that keep us coming back again and again.

It’s been a great year for indie games, because other titles like Cult of the Lamb also hit the 1 million mark, and while Trombone Champ didn’t quite reach that level, it was still one of the most in-demand and talked about games we’ve seen in a while. I mean, people seriously calling a silly trombone rhythm game a Game of the Year contender speaks the quality of titles that indie studios are putting out, in my opinion.

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