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Red Dead Online Players Are Running Into Serial Killers Now

Don’t invite strangers down into caves, and if you do, don’t then turn out the lights and start yelling.

Red Dead Online might have been pretty much left behind by Rockstar, but that doesn’t mean its players are ready to move on quite yet. They continue to make discoveries about the game’s world and its many players, including the realization that some of the people they’re playing with might be serial killers.

Strictly in-game serial killers, of course. Well, hopefully. Saint_Mark0 shared what should have been a heart-warming clip of themselves with a fellow player exploring the caves hidden at Red Dead Online’s Elysian Pool. An area well worth exploring if this is the first time you’re hearing about it. However, you might want to do it alone after seeing what happened when Saint_Mark0 invited a stranger to come with.


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Saint_Mark0 begins by highlighting the cave paintings with their lantern. Things take a turn for the worse when they put the lantern away and start hooting and hollering, just like a stereotypical cowboy. Their unnamed companion also extinguishes their lantern, leaving the cave much darker than it was before, approaches their happy cave-exploring friend, and then proceeds to hack them to death with a machete.

Now, some notes. Saint_Mark0 has described the culprit, who goes by GNN_09, as a serial killer. While approaching someone the way that they did and killing them in cold blood would certainly suggest that, it raises the question as to whether the player has fallen for this before. Serial killer or not, as has been highlighted in the comments, going to a cave with a stranger was almost always going to end in tears.

Some players have even said they would have done the same if the player who invited them started shouting for no reason, while others have pointed out that the haunting pause from the killer before they dispose of their victim might have been the person behind the controller deciding what to kill them with. Here’s hoping the cold-blooded killer is playing on Stadia and hasn’t heard the news about being able to transfer their account.

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