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Railbound receives a brand new update that brings in 11 new levels alongside some accessibility options

Afterburn Games’ quite successful and recently released puzzler Railbound is set to receive a brand new update. This update brings a new world alongside 11 new levels, bringing the total number of levels to a massive 170. Alongside a new accessibility option for the graphics and a super secret little addition, it’s the biggest update the game has received yet!

That new world is only sort of a new addition, as the situation is a bit different than just that. This new world, World #, actually are bonus levels taken from World 8 and added into their own world. It doesn’t change those levels in any way, and is a bit of an odd change, but perhaps the levels were deemed so good that they were better off as an additional World.

To make up for those lost levels, however, there are 11 brand-new worlds that have been added into World 8 instead! These new levels will bring a new challenging collection of puzzles for players to test their wits with, and will add even more content on top of the already existing 160+ levels.

And to make all of this even better, Railbound has also added colourblind options within the graphics settings, allowing the game to be better legible for more players. Accessibility is always a huge plus in any game, so this addition is surely a welcome one!

Finally, the last change to the game is a bit of an easter egg. As of this patch, you will now be able to tap on the dogs in the various story cutscenes to pet them! It’s a simple little thing and nothing big, but man, it sure is cute!

With these brand-new levels, Railbound now has a ton of new content, so those of you who loved the game upon release with all of its engaging little puzzles will have even more content to tackle! Give it a go yourself for only $4.99 at either of the links below!

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