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Ragnarok Origins hits 500,000 pre-registrations

Gravity Game Hub has recently opened the doors to pre-registration for its upcoming MMORPG, Ragnarok Origin. The game was welcomed with open arms as the 500,000 milestone has been hit. As more people sign-up, tonnes of extra rewards will be awarded, with the trend of lucky draws and raffles still continuing.

Ragnarok Online’s sequel, Origin is live in select countries as of now, but a global launch is imminent. The game has regularly hosted activities like guessing games and quizzes on its Facebook page, offering numerous rewards. They will also be soon revealing Bella Poarch, the Filipino influencer as their brand ambassador.

Additionally, the developers have described a new pet system, that will be crucial to winning battles in Ragnarok Origin. They will be players’ primary allies and will be available through fragments and activities. Pets can be strengthened by fighting and levelling them up and will be of various categories ranging from rare to SSR.

Pets will unlock at level 20, with the slots increasing as players raise their levels. They are broadly categorized into four types – single-target damage dealer, AoE damage dealer, tank, and support. Based on this, they will provide numerous bonuses to attributes like HP, SP, physical and magic attack and defence, and enhancing adventures.

They can be levelled using pet fragments and through decomposition. Advanced versions will have even more features and reaching the highest stage will ultimately unlock special effects and appearances.

Currently, Ragnarok Origin is available in a few countries across the globe. If you’re in one of these regions, you can download the game for free by clicking on either link below. For more information and to stay up to date with all the latest developments, check out the official website. You can also join their Discord server and interact with a community of like-minded folk.

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