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PUBG: New State Update: Everything you need to know

After a bit of a delay, Krafton has finally rolled out the update to PUBG: New State. As with any major update, players will get access to a new weapon, new weapon customisations, vehicles and more.

PUBG: New State – New weapon

Players will now be able to pick up the L85A3 assault rifle out in both Erangel and Troi. The new bullpup-style assault rifle uses the 5.56mm ammo type and is said to offer low recoil. The developers note that the gun offers the highest damage of all 5.56mm assault rifles and performs well in mid to long-range engagements. However, it has a comparatively low fire rate. 

PUBG: New State – Weapon customisation

L85A3 Vertical Foregrip Bipod

This attachment for the new L85A3 assault rifle makes it easier to control recoil when crouched. 

M416 Long Barrel

The long barrel attachment increases the overall damage, but this comes at the cost of increased vertical recoil. 

SLR 5.56 Barrel

The 5.56mm Barrel swaps the ammo type from 7.62mm to 5.56mm. In return, players get greater accuracy, but at the cost of lower damage, 

PUBG: New State – New Vehicles


The Electron is an electric 6-seater minibus that offers higher durability than most other vehicles. The vehicle will only be available in Troi and Training Ground.


The Mesta is a 2-seater petrol-powered sports car that comes in two models, namely standard and an open top. The vehicle offers quick acceleration as well as high top speeds. The Mesta will be available in Erangel, Training Ground, and Troi (certain areas).

For more details about the update, check out the official patch notes here

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