PSA: You can turn off Frey and Cuff’s banter in Forspoken

Even since reviews for Forspoken dropped, its snarky sense of humor has proven to be very divisive. Still, if that witty banter bleeding over into gameplay is one of the things preventing you from picking up Forspoken, know that you can adjust the amount of dialogue Frey and Cuff have in the game’s settings.

As Frey explores Athia, she and Cuff often comment on what they see and other goings-on from their adventure. Cuff will also give audio cues during combat encounters that dynamically happen in the open world. Of course, these aren’t all purely informational, as Cuff and Frey will joke about what’s going on or boast about how amazing they are in an effort to show off to one another.

If this all proves to be too much for you, pause Forspoken and head on over to the Accessibility Settings tab of the Settings Menu. Forspoken features quite a few accessibility options, some of which have to do with Cuff’s functionality in the game. Scroll down to the Cuff Settings section of the Accessibility Settings tab, and you’ll see a Cuff Chat Frequency option.

“Adjust how often Frey and Cuff speak to one another,” the option’s description says. “The ‘minimal’ setting will mean that you will only hear dialogue required to advance the story.” You can set Cuff Chat Frequency to minimal, low, default, or high to modify how much Frey and Cuff speak to each other. From our experience, choosing low will only activate dialogue during critical combat scenarios or when you first arrive in a brand-new area, while selecting high will initiate quippy banter at almost any given opportunity. If you genuinely can’t stand Frey and Cuff, you’ll want to skip the game’s cutscenes and set Cuff Chat Frequency to minimal.

Hopefully, modifying Cuff Chat Frequency can make the game a little more bearable or entertaining for you. Forspoken launches on January 24 for PC and PlayStation 5.

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