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Project Moon Pulls A 180 On The New Limbus Company Update

Project Moon has released a hotfix for the latest Limbus Company update merely two hours after it went live. The update, which vastly changed the Luxcavation feature of the game, upset fans due to the decrease in rewards. The update resulted in players losing out on a good chunk of EXP, which is required to further their progress, bringing down the overall pace of the game. After witnessing the outcry across social media platforms, the developer set a hotfix in motion.

After deploying the fix, the studio compensated the community with 20 Identity Training Ticket IIIs. This roughly translates to 20,000 EXP, which can take a single character from level one all the way to level twenty. Of course, that’s without taking golden tickets into account, but regardless of that, it’s still an incredibly generous offer from Project Moon.

The compensation, as well as the timely response, seems to have kept the developer’s reputation intact. You can read more about the update via the official Limbus Company Twitter page.

Game Developer Of The People

Project Moon has developed somewhat of a cult following due to the amount of care it puts into the games it produces. The studio is quickly becoming known for working on decent games, releasing consistent updates, and listening to fan feedback. The latest Luxcavation case lines up perfectly with these values.

Fans speculate that it’s because of the studio’s small team that it’s able to act so quickly. Sprinkle in some appreciation for its fans, and we get quick responses – you know the story by now.

Limbus Company

In Limbus Company, you organise and lead the twelve Sinners as you infiltrate the Lobotomy Corporation. Using turn-based strategic RPG mechanics, you attempt to lay claim to the Golden Boughs.

Check out Limbus Company on Google Play.

If you’re trying to stay up to date with our Limbus Company coverage, have a read of last week’s Limbus Company update. The article details the update, as well as the audience’s mixed reaction.

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