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Privateer Press Previews Winter Guard Sharpshooters and Hunting Dog

December 02, 2022 by Polar_Bear

The Widowmakers aren’t the only sniper unit within the Khador ranks. There’s also the Winter Guard Sharpshooters. They also get a Hunting Dog, which is listed as a Command Attachment. And really, whenever there’s a puppy around, I’m ok with it being in charge. Yes, it’s a good puppy! Such a good puppy!

The Motherland’s general conscription draws raw recruits from the length and breadth of the Khadoran Empire. Those who show the most natural capacity with the long rifle are organized into small squads of Sharpshooters. These soldiers are keen-eyed hunters often hailing from Khador’s most remote regions, where they learned to hunt from the time they could crawl. While not as well trained or refined as Khador’s notorious Widowmakers, the Sharpshooters are nonetheless deadly foes on the battlefield.

The most successful Winter Korps Sharpshooter squads integrate sharp-eyed and keen-sensed Hunting Dogs to draw out their prey. The Hunting Dog’s perpetual alertness and boundless energy keep the Sharpshooters constantly on their toes as they move swiftly across any terrain.


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