Privateer Press Posts New MKIV Progress Report

December 02, 2022 by Polar_Bear

The wheels of time roll ever-forward. So, how goes the release of MKIV from Privateer Press for Warmachine/Hordes? That’s exactly what we get a look at in this new progress report from the company.

From the article:

Whether it’s waiting as a child for Christmas morning or waiting as a business for goods to arrive that will allow orders to start shipping, the phenomenon that increases a perceived length of time in direct proportion to one’s anticipation of an event doesn’t get any less agonizing with age or experience. But one way to avoid the ordeal is to stay immersed in work, and we have a never-ending supply of that here! So, even as the wait continues, so does our progress on all things related to WARMACHINE MKIV.

This week, a sudden snowstorm did its best to delay our efforts, shutting down production for a day and knocking out power, which slowed development on the app. We had hoped to have the library functions and rules integrated into the WARMACHINE app this week, but we have had to push it off once again to next week after determining that some revisions of graphics would be required to function properly with the responsive display across the myriad of devices that will be running the app. Fortunately, in going through this revision, we’re future-proofing the rules for easier localization in other languages once we’re able to begin that process next year. We did manage to get out several new builds for the app over the past few days, though, so if you haven’t updated recently, be sure to do so.


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