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Prime Gaming June 2023 Freebees and Perks

Welcome to the June Prime Gaming content update! Prime Gaming is a benefit of Amazon Prime membership, which saves members money every day with deals, free delivery, prescription savings, and quality entertainment.

  • The June Free Games with Prime lineup features 13 titles, including Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced EditionSengoku 2, Over TopAutonautsRoguebook and more. Bonus titles include Beasts of Maravilla Island, CalicoDKO: Divine Knockout and more.
  • Claim exclusive content for FIFA 23, League of LegendsNew WorldRogue Company and more!
  • Prime Gaming members can play these games for free on Amazon Luna this June: Batman: Arkham Knight, Citizen Sleeper, Monster Harvest and SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition.

Prime Gaming June 2023 Sizzle Trailer

Amazon Prime members can claim these offers for limited time at For information on this month’s lineup, as well as the latest and greatest Prime Gaming news, visit and check out this month’s blog post here.

Fans of World of Tanks Can Claim Wings of Wrath Drop this Month

For World of Tanks fans, Prime Gaming members have until June 21 to claim the ‘Wings of Wrath’ drop. Inspired by Warhammer 40,000, the drop includes the ‘Wings of Wrath’ decal, the ‘Power of the Ninth’ decal, and the ‘A Drop of Courage’ medal.

Access a Rotating Selection of Games on Amazon Luna This Month

Amazon Luna is available to gamers in the US, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom, making it easy to instantly start gaming on the devices you already own, including Fire TV. This gives more customers access to play high-quality, immersive games through the cloud on their supported devices. With Luna’s Prime Gaming offer on Amazon Luna, Amazon Prime members have the ability to play a rotating selection of games for free on Luna through a dedicated channel. To learn more about Amazon Luna, click here.

Starting on June 1, Prime members will have full access to a new slate of popular games on the Prime Gaming Channel, including Batman: Arkham Knight, Citizen SleeperMonster Harvest and SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition. Stay tuned in the coming months for additional Prime Gaming Channel offerings via Amazon Luna!

Amazon Gaming Week – Last Call!

Amazon Gaming Week, from May 22-28, is a global event featuring an assortment of deals, promotions and content dedicated to gamers of all levels. That means there are just three days remaining to take advantage of a wide variety of gaming deals, including games, gaming PC hardware and components, PC peripherals, and more! Check out the Amazon Gaming Week main landing page to peruse the full range of offers.

Featured game deals:

June 2023 Free Games With Prime

prime gaming june 2023Prime Gaming is offering 13 free titles throughout June, with the first game available to claim starting on June 1! In this month’s lineup players can find themselves performing for audiences far and wide in Once Upon a Jester and racing through breathtaking places in Over Top. Come back every Thursday to claim your Free Games with Prime at

  • June 1 Sengoku 2 [Amazon Games App] – Take on the role of a warrior summoned by a shrine princess and fight throughout various historical periods to defeat the Dark Monarch.
  • June 1 Mutation Nation [Amazon Games App] – Help two youths save their hometown by battling it out against a genius biologist who’s been turning humans into mutants.
  • June 8 Soccer Brawl [Amazon Games App] – Kick, punch and battle it out against robot players representing different countries in this fun soccer game.
  • June 8 Over Top [Amazon Games App] – Race through breathtaking places, from urban areas, to mountainous regions and snowy roads in this over the top racing game.
  • June 15 The Super Spy [Amazon Games App] – Punch, kick and use weapons to defeat enemies as players make their way through a large building to rescue captives.
  • June 15 Top Hunter [Amazon Games App] – Jump, shoot, throw and perform special attacks to defeat the space pirates who aim for total domination in this side-scrolling action game.
  • June 15 SteamWorld Dig 2 [Amazon Games App] – Dig deep, gain riches and unearth the terrors of the underworld in this platform mining adventure influenced by classic Metroidvania style games.
  • June 22 Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition [Amazon Games App] – Return to the Forgotten Realms in this bestselling Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game with 100+ hours of award-winning adventures and the tools to create your own!
  • June 22 Autonauts [Amazon Games App] – Build, create and automate with your colony to create an ever evolving autonomous paradise of agriculture, industry and enlightenment.
  • June 22 Revita [Amazon Games App] – Harvest and sacrifice souls to grow your power in order to challenge procedural encounter rooms and intimidating bosses in this fast paced twin-stick roguelite platformer.
  • June 29 Roguebook [Amazon Games App] – Embrace the challenge of a roguelike deckbuilder by building a team of two heroes to unleash powerful combos and defeat the legends of the Roguebook!
  • June 29 Once Upon a Jester [Amazon Games App] – Become stars of the famous royal theatrical spectacle as players take on the role as Jester and his best friend Sok to travel the kingdom, improvise theater shows and perform on stages far and wide for audiences everywhere to enjoy.
  • June 29 Gems of Destiny: Homeless Dwarf [Legacy Games Code] – Delve into an intriguing story about Axel, the dwarf, and his journey to create a new city for him and his friends.

In Case You Missed It: Eight Bonus Free Games With Prime for May

In addition to the 15-game line-up available to Prime members in May, we’ve added eight bonus Free Games With Prime, bringing the month’s total to 23 titles! Claim your bonus Free Games with Prime, available now, at

  • Now Available Beasts of Maravilla Island [Amazon Games App] – Traverse Maravilla Island’s magical ecosystems to discover extraordinary creatures, learn their behaviors, and photograph their majesty in this 3D adventure game.
  • Now Available Tiny Robots Recharged [Amazon Games App] – Solve the mystery of the horrific experiments being done on your buddies and free them from the bad guy conducting them in his super-secret laboratory.
  • Now Available DKO: Divine Knockout [Epic Games Store] – Knock out the gods to become a god of myth yourself as players brawl and knock friends off the map to reign supreme in the world’s only 3rd-person platform fighter!
  • Now Available Tandem: A Tale of Shadows [Amazon Games App] – Help Emma and Fenton solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of famous magician Thomas Kane in this unique puzzle platformer.
  • Now Available Double Kick Heroes [Amazon Games App] – Survive on the highway to hell, fighting epic hoards of zombies in 24 levels of pure post-apocalyptic madness!
  • Now Available Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion [Amazon Games App] – Play as an adorable yet trouble-making turnip who avoids paying taxes by solving plantastic puzzles, harvesting crops and battling massive beasts all in a journey to tear down a corrupt vegetable government.
  • Now Available Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King [Amazon Games App] – Reforge reality through skill-based combat, innovative open-world platforming and the testimonies of survivors in this dark action-RPG.
  • Now Available Calico [Amazon Games App] – Rebuild the town’s cat café and fill it with cute and cuddly creatures in this day-in-the-life community sim game.

June 2023 Calendar

Amazon Prime members can look forward to even more great content throughout the month of June, including new in-game loot and content drops for Divine Knockout, Realm Royale, World of Warcraft, Fall Guys and more! Be sure to check out the full lineup at

For the latest on content, offers and sweepstakes, visit

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