Polychromatic for managing Razer devices on Linux v0.8 out now

Polychromatic, powered by OpenRazer, is a front-end UI for users to easily manage their Razer devices and a new release is out now with version 0.8.0.

One of the major new features includes a DPI stage editor, that has the ability to sync to hardware DPI buttons if the mouse has them.

They also pulled in some improvements from OpenRazer including:

  • Add scroll options for Razer Basilisk V3.
    • Scroll Mode (tactile, free spin).
    • Scroll Acceleration.
    • Smart Reel.
  • Add device map for Razer Cynosa V2 (Nordic).
  • Add device map for Base Station V2 Chroma.
  • Overhauled implementation with OpenRazer’s Python library.
  • Some devices may now show options for configuring sleep time and low power mode.

Plus these changes:

  • Rework application architecture (“refactor”).
  • Improve “Apply to All” by showing all capable options for connected devices.
  • Improve error handling.
  • Controller: Show button to open input-remapper if installed.
    • Messages hinting that Polychromatic may implement its own key mapping have been removed.
  • Controller: Removed “Backends” tab in Preferences.
    • This is now under Tools → OpenRazer via the menu bar.
  • Controller: Move “Download device images” check box to main preferences.
  • Controller: Update configuration preferences for OpenRazer.
    • Add option to set battery notifications [introduced in 3.3.0]
  • Tray applet: Show a dialog box when actions fail.
  • CLI: Add current battery status (under -k --list-options)
  • New Polish translation and an update for French.

Other fixes include:

  • Fix a problem with poll rates that affected Razer Huntsman V2.
  • Fix default DPI stages for Viper Mini.
  • Fix VID:PID showing in reverse in Device Info.
  • Fix opening of razer.log when home folder isn’t at /home
  • Fix crash when running a development version of the application from an “untrusted” Git repository location, like a network share.
  • Fix translations for system-wide installations.
  • Fix a typo in man page.
  • Fix an erroneous “failed” troubleshoot when device has multiple PIDs.

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