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Pokemon Unite’s Halloween 2022 special addition is Zoroark

While there may not be a massive Halloween celebration on Pokémon Unite like its sister game Pokémon Go, the developers still have a spooky surprise waiting as Zoroark, the Illusion Pokémon makes its debut. The Melee Speedster from the Unova Region joins Aeos Island for 14,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems.


The Pokémon begins as a Zorura and knows two moves – Slash and Fury Swipes. They are simple damage-dealing moves that hit after the Pokémon dashes in a designated direction.

At level five, Zoroark can learn Night Slash, a move that turns progressive moves into dash attacks and special boosted basic attacks. The second is Feint Attack, which does attack opponents in a particular direction, but more importantly, it can reduce all its cooldowns, giving quicker access to other attacks.

Then at level seven, we have Shadow Claw, which stuns and damages the enemy, and Cut, which deals damage and restores some of Zoroark’s HP. Finally, Zoroark’s Unite Move is called Nightfall Daze and it sees the Pokémon release three shockwaves that deal AoE damage.


Zoroark might just be one of the fastest Speedster-type Pokémon in Unite. It can quickly deplete the opponent’s health by dealing rapid attacks in quick succession while combining moves makes attacks even more deadly.

Ranged Attackers like Espeon are particularly weak against Zoroark because it can cover the distance between them before the attack hits. Once in close quarters, Espeon is left defenceless and it gets wrecked.

But, someone like Clefable will make it tough for Zoroark to survive as it can easily negate its mobility. Once its movement is cut off, Clefable can simply stun the Pokémon can rain down damage on it, rendering it useless.

Get Zoroark now by downloading Pokémon Unite for free.

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